Suncliff Gems Experience Pack – 48 Curated Experiences
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Suncliff Gems Experience Pack – 48 Curated Experiences

Original price was: $48.00.Current price is: $45.00.

At Suncliff we combine proven science and natural compounds to build formulas focused on specific experiences.

Explore our full range of experiences with the Suncliff Gems Experience pack. The experience pack contains 4 containers with 12 experiences each. Crafted with 0% CBD and 0% THC, Suncliff Gems are pure experience.

Individually, or mix and matched, our proprietary blend of pure and natural ingredients is the foundation for a balanced lifestyle.

48 experiences total:
12 Calm
12 Creative
12 Social
12 Energetic


Set the tone for your next activity by exploring our full range of curated experience gems!

Suncliff has curated natural botanical ingredients to create and enhance natural human experiences.

Eat one Suncliff Experience Gem about 10 minutes before your desired experience.

  • Calm Gems offer an earthy, lavender profile that can help you unwind from a long day.
  • Creative Gems offers an earthy, citrus blend that should leave you feeling artistically inspired and open minded!
  • Social gems are intended to offer an open minded energy with enhanced concentration.
  • Energetic Gems pair great with your next workout, or even a long day in the office.
Additional Information
Weight115 g