Our Story

Our goal with Suncliff Experience Gems was to create a simple, easy to understand product using natural botanicals that enhances everyday experiences. We group our products into four categories, calm, creative, social, & energetic.


We understand the benefits of incorporating plants and herbs into your daily wellness routines, and seek to make natural botanicals more accessible to all.


At Suncliff we combine proven science and natural compounds to build formulas focused on specific needs. Usable as stand-alone products or incorporated into holistic systems, our  goal is to center the balance between health and happiness.


Individually, or mix and matched, our proprietary blend of pure and natural ingredients is the foundation for a balanced lifestyle. Explore our range of experiences and set the tone for your next activity.

Experience Profiles


Our original formula provides a soothing effect for daily support of both the mind and body. Craft with natural plant botanicals, Suncliff Gems are pure experience.


Melt away the stresses of daily life and unleash your creative side with clarity.


Prepare for a night out with friends, or tackle an important meeting with confidence.

Definitely creative for me. But my biggest issue is lack of REM sleep so that’s my priority.

Joe C.

Creative.... on Mondays and Tuesdays. Calm on Sundays, and energetic the rest of the time! But isn't that the beauty of terpene profiles.

Pete G.

Social, definitely social, with a side of energetic!

Lindsay J.


<span class="x-el x-el-span c1-9o c1-9p c1-b c1-c c1-d c1-e c1-f c1-g">At Suncliff we combine proven science and natural compounds to build formulas focused on specific experiences.</span> Explore our full range of experiences with the Sunclif

Can’t pick just one. I need energetic for day and calm for night.

Shannon R.

Calm is my go-to! When you deal with chronic pain, the calm AFTER the storm is what I look forward to.

Mike T.

I love calm for pain and anxiety relief. Creative when I want to write.. I never just get one kind tbh.


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